Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Review: The Twinning Murders


The Twinning Murders is a murder mystery set around Emily Ryder a tour guide on the cusp of another tour from her CT home to the sister village in Dartmoor. Emily becomes drawn into a series of events that leads to a severe injuring of a friend and a murder.There is a shady developer looking to buy out Emily's family B&B and the surrounding developments.

I really enjoy mystery novels and though this book started interesting enough, I wasn't fully connecting with it.

 All the elements of a good  mystery are here : a mysterious death, several suspects, and a curious sleuth. The problem is that I couldn't really connect with the characters. Some of  the characters were one note. I didn't care about their motivations or feel strongly about their possible demise. The pace was a little slow but Shelly really captured the feel of a small interconnected town. The characters each have individual quirks and motivations but I couldn't become emotionally involved enough with them to 100% enjoy the the book.

There were a lot of great descriptive scenes and  I enjoyed the revelation of the murder and the ending of the book, it was climactic and I really felt Emily was in danger. I did struggle with the events leading up to it. Thanks to U.K. and Beyond Book Tours



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