Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Review : Numbers :The Chaos by Rachel Ward

 After the ending of Numbers I was really intrigued to see if we were going to learn more about Jem and young Adam. In Numbers The Chaos we finally get Adam's story, and oh! what a story it is!
It's June 2026 and Adam is living with his grandmother. There is intense flooding in their town and against his will Adam and Nan are being evacuated from their homes  and off to London.
Adam has the same gift as his mother with a twist. Adam can actually experience the feelings of those who are going to die as he visually sees their dates and how they die. Adam keeps a diary where he records all his experiences. As they move through out London though Adam is disturbed to find a great amount of those around him have the death date of 010127. New Years Day. Now Adam is in a desperate race to find out what will be happening to cause so many deaths. He also comes across a young girl named Sarah. Sarah has a gift of her own . Visions. Many of them involving Adam and a young child. A child that holds Sarah's secrets and is the key to her visions.
This is such a fast paced and tension filled. read. Short chapters being narrated by both Sarah and Adam keep you turning page after page! I really enjoy YA books narrated by boys, its such a refreshing change. Adam is such a great character, he is somewhat haunted by his past and the loss of his mother Jem, but there is also a part of him willing to engage in the world despite its risks. He is hesitant to leave home, remembering his mothers warning about London but once he is in the city he takes heroic efforts to help those around them.
Sarah is also enjoyable though her story is tragic. while Adam has had the love of a grandmother in her life Sarah's home has been the source of the ultimate betrayal. Somehow Sarah woks through that and focuses on finding what is closest to her heart. She is terrified when she sees Adam in the flesh after her disturbing visions of him but she finds a way to move forward. They will both need each other as the new year comes closer and closer as well as the threat they both have been receiving warnings about.
Very scary events unfold in this book that really keep the reader on their toes. I devoured it in a day! There is a little bit of a twist ending so I hope to see more of Adam and Sarah in the future.


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