Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Review: The Priest's Graveyard by Ted Dekker


Ted Dekker is one of those authors that I've aways heard a positive buzz about. So when fellow blogger My Friend Amy did a post about the blog tour for The Priest's Graveyard I was happy to sign up. The Priest's Graveyard is an interesting exploration of two characters quest for revenge. For Danny Hansen a survivor of terrors in Bosnia he has self appointed himself as a judge jury and executioner clothed in the robes of a priest.

I struggled a lot with Danny's character and his choices. Even now his story stays with me. Mostly because he actually receives his revenge for his murdered mother and sisters before he even leaves for America. Maybe his mission which he seems to think as being morally and somewhat divinely guided is a way for him to continue to excise that pain.

The other half of this story and a major force in Danny's life is Renee Gilmore. Where I struggled with Danny I immediately felt a connection with Renee. Dekker's handling of thee two characters is a testament to his writing skills. Renee is an addict. Strung out , in debt and one step away from an angry dealer and a life of prostitution until her savior comes to her. Running into the street she is hit by a car. The brave driver seeing her distress and danger grabs her and runs bringing her to his home.

Renee learns her savior is Lamont. He lives in a gorgeous glass house by the sea. A life of control and order. He invites Renee to stay with him if she can follow his strict routine's and his long absence's. Renee agrees and the two begin a comfortable life. It isn't the healthiest o relationships but for Renee the safety and isolation are a balm to her troubled life and heart. Until a series of days pass without Lamont's return and strange men are tearing his home apart. Renee knows he is dead and puts the pieces of her shattered self together and formulates a plan. She wants revenge.

Through a series of events and Renee and Danny meet and discover their targets are the same. Renee has a new teacher and possibly a new love in Danny. She does not flinch from his past or his present. Can her love change him from his course? Or will the two of them form a dark vengeful partnership that will shake the world? All this hinges on the one secret Danny has held from her the secret that can tear them apart and stop their vengeful plans.

This novel was enjoyable and kept me on my toes. I continued to struggle with some of the characters choices but I really enjoy books that challenge my perceptions and ideals. There are many fast paced action scenes and some intense choices on Danny's part that made this a thrilling read .

Thanks to Center Street, Hachette book group and Get This Book  for the review opportunity. Check the link to learn more about this book.


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