Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Review: The Survivor by Sean Slater


One of my New Years resolutions was to read more books outside my usual genre. So I was excited that upon registering for Book Chick City Mystery &Suspense challenge I also got this Arc of the Survivor from Simon &Schuster Uk. Mystery and  suspense are a genre I rarely explore so I was excited for this one.
"In his first hour back from a six month leave of abscence Detective Jacob Striker's day quickly turns into a nigtmare"
There are a lot of great plot threades in this novel, some pure luc great detective work and sadly bad timing. His first day back to work after his wifes death and Jacob has to visit his daughter courtney's school. Courtney has been through a string of behavorial proplems since her mothers death and today she has cut clas. Meeting with the principle of Vancouver's St. Patrick High School Jacob is soon involved in an "active shooter situation" Three men in hockey masks are randomly shooting the students. Soon Jacob is on the trail of the last surviving gunman. As the case unfolds things are seeming less random and more orchestrated. Jacob's investigative talensts soonm make him a personal target of the killer while his daughter and her best friend are unknowingly drawn deeper into the mystery of the deaths.
I really enjoyed this book! It was especially interesting getting a look into the Vancouver location. Although Ill admit I thoght there were a few typos in the book due to some language differences. I was also  enjoyed the shift of narrative focus bak and forth between Red Mask and Jacob. The clues are all there leading to a stunning revelation of who and why these murders took place.Some heartstopping action and a great ending. Slater does a great job of introducing the uninformed to police language and forensic details. I also liked the interplay between Jacob and his partner felicia.
A great read but I think it would have been a lot more suspensful if it was a little shorter even though the chapters flowed well and were able to be read quickly.


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