Monday, May 23, 2011


I'm so glad to a prt of Armchair Bea for the second year. There is a wonderful buch of organizers soo please check them out HERE

For those who might not know BEA is an event in New York called Book Expo America. A wondrful event showcasing upcoming books and Authors. Armchair Bea is a great way to connect with fellow Bloggers and support each other as we are filled with envy over all the great tweets about the lucky attendees ;) Their will be posts every day this week focusing on introducing ourselves and discussing some of the events going on in New York. Todays post is about the participants so lets get started!

Who are you, and how do you Armchair?

I'm Kai and my blog is FICTION STATE OF MIND I've been blogging a little under two years and last years Armchair BEA was my first blog event.  I live in Los Angeles California and I'm a Massage Therapist . I've always loved books and Blogging gives me a wonderful outlet to talk abut the books I love and connect with other readers. I review all forms of fiction including comics , manga and graphic novels.
Also, tell us how you’re doing Armchair BEA - where you are, what you’re excited about, what you hope will happen this week.

I'll be doing Armchair mostly from Twitter. I plan to read all the post of my lucky book bloggers who are attending as well as reading what the publishers and authors attending are chatting about.

I'm really excited to connect with fellow bloggers, get some insight into what great books are being buzzed over and visit my fellow Armchair BEA participants. I'm also excited for the contest day I'm hosting a giveaway and I'm excited to see what my fellow bloggers are giving away.

So be sure to stop buy all this week for my BEA posts and some reviews.


Aths said...

So glad that you are also doing armchair BEA! We "met" for the first time during last year's armchairing. Wow! Has it been a year already! Happy armchair BEA this time too!

Kaitlyn (Kaitlyn in Bookland) said...

I'm really excited about the networking aspect of Armchair BEA as well :) It's nice to meet you!

Here is my intro post!

vvb32 reads said...

happy armchair bea week!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kai, Just scrolling down your page I have already seen two books I want to read, the Cross book and the Pompeii book. :) I didn't realize how much my TBR pile would grow doing Armchair BEA.

The1stdaughter said...

So happy to already know you! I've loved watching your blog evolve and can't wait to see what you participate in this week! :o)

On behalf of the Armchair BEA organizers thanks so much for participating! We really are so happy to have you!

Michelle @ The True Book Addict said...

Hey, I know you! =O) I didn't know you were a massage therapist. Must be interesting work. I'm looking forward to Wednesday.

Enjoy the week and I'll be by again!

lisa (the little reader) said...

ahh, i wish you were in the hawaii area. i'm looking for a good massage therapist! :)

A Backwards Story said...

It's nice to meet you! Your blog is *beautiful.* I love the header and teh way the K in Kai curls out. So nice!!