Tuesday, May 24, 2011

ArmchairBEA DAY 2 : That One BOOK


Can You believe June is knocking at our door? I've had the most productive reading year so far in 2011. Mostly because I do well with accountability :) I joined over 16 challenges and thanks to ALA mid winter I LOADED down with ARC's . In gratitude to that event and the publishers who participated I've been reading like crazy and giving away/trading Arc's to spread the word on all the great books.

Enclave was the most surprising and enjoyable read so far this year. It's part YA dystopia and all action!! Deuce is a wonderful character and I'm waiting , waiting for the sequel.My full Review is available by clicking the reviews tab :)

My second favorite book this year is Across the Universe by Beth Revis. I've actually done a review for  one of my favorite bloggers BOOK CHICK CITY she is doing a Women Of Science Fiction Week so go check out my thoughts about the book at the link above.


A Backwards Story said...

I love that you picked two Dystopians! I've read and enjoyed ATU, and while I own ENCLAVE, I have yet to read it! I'll prob. read DIVERGENT first, though. Have you read DELIRIUM or WITHER yet or the ARC of POSSESSION? My three favorite Dystopians so far <3

Lucy said...

I liked Across the Universe too. Nice choice! I have been meaning to pick up Enclave. Glad it's been a great reading year for you so far! ALA sounds like a fun event.

Michelle @ The True Book Addict said...

I would like to read both of your favorites, especially Enclave. And I know, this year is going by WAY too fast! It seems the older I get, the faster the years go by!

LindsayWrites said...

love your books you chose! i'm a GFC follower of your blog now!

mine are mostly dystopians! check out my list and follow me back?! =]


Michelle said...

I haven't seen ENCLAVE yet, but I am definitely intrigued now. Thanks for sharing!