Monday, May 9, 2011



Another Free Comic Book Day has come and gone and I really enjoyed this one. Above is a sampling of the free comics i got (over 20) and a free sketch I got from the artist Todd Harris. My store Earth 2 Comics has two locations on in Northridge and one in Sherman Oaks Ca. It was so fun to see so many little ones and costumed fans . I was glad to see a lot more women at both stores this year along with a large amount of families.

To support my store and all that they do for the event I splurged and bought a few goodies:

A great day ! It makes me so excited for this years San Diego Comic -Con. If you haven't taken advantage of this great event keep it on your radar for next year!


Cherry said...

I missed the free comic book day :( ...I was down with the flu... still sniffing now but not as bad as I was... ahh, yay! You look like you got a fav horde there! ;)

Sandy said...

Oh wow I wish we had Free Comic Book Day here, maybe I would have been able to find the early copy of the Witch & Wizard manga adaptation -sigh-.

So glad you had a good time though. I imagine I'll be like a little kid when I head over to New York Comic Con and Anime Festival in October ^_^.

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