Monday, May 30, 2011

REVIEW: Bumped by Megan McCafferty


Bumped was a unique read for me. I didn't really like either of the female leads. Bumped is a futuristic YA novel with some very interesting elements. A virus renders everyone in the world over 18 infertile. Megan does a great job at laying out the society that would arise from that. Princeton raised Melody has just gone "pro" her stats are high and at 16 she is at her peak but not for much longer. She is sponsored and on the cusp of a lucrative "Bump" session and surrogate parents waiting for her offspring.

I really couldn't connect with Melody. The best thing about her is her best friend Zen. As a male with inferior traits (he's short) Zen seems to move through the pregnancy obsessed world pretty stress free. It's obvious he has feelings for Melody but he knows whats required of her.

Melody's world is up ended by the unexpected arrival of her biological twin Harmony. Sigh Harmony. She is a stereotypical rendering of a religious obsessed young girl. She comes to Melody's house with secrets and an overzealous desire to bond. Melody's parents let her stay since she's good press and improves the family's web hits.

Harmony is from Goodside and is very excited to witness to all the "sinners" who are birthing for profit and not for the blessed state of Matrimony.

The two sisters stumble along through the alternating chapters describing their worlds and what is most pressing in their hearts and minds.

Then Melody gets the call she has waited for an uber Bump match with superstar "donor" Johndoe. But a case of mistaken identity:
 ( Their twins can you guess what happens when Johndoe shows up for his appointment?)

Leads both girls onto different unexpected paths.

Though I struggled with this book I'll admit that Megan made me want to see how it ends. I will say that the girls are vivid representations of their prospective world but they weren't memorable  to me. Still interesting world building and a great idea for a novel.


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