Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Review: Hidden by Helen Frost


Hidden is a wonderful example of the stark beauty that can be described in a prose novel. Prose books seem to be a growing trend in the YA and middle grade universe. Hidden uses alternating prose chapters to tell the story of two special little girls:

Wren Abbott ad Darra Monson are brought together by a desperate act committed by Darra's father West. West has carjacked Wren's mothers car unaware that Wren has hidden herself in the back seat.


Moving from the car to a boat stored in the Monson garage Wren fights to find a way to escape despite the panicked fearful thoughts that envelop her.


The second part of the book is told from Darra's perspective. Darra discovers Wren in her father's boat but she doesn't tell. She tries to figure out a way to free Wren and even sneaks her some food.


Wren manages to escape on her own and once found Darra's world falls apart.There is her father's arrest, her mothers decision to divorce her father and a burning resentment that its all Wren Abbott's fault.


Six years past and Wren and Darra find themselves together once again. They are sharing the same cabin at a summer camp. Each girl has been haunted by the events of those tense hours despite the time that has passed. Now face to face the have an opportunity to face their pasts, and reveal truths that have been Hidden.
I couldn't put this book down! I actually read it in bead in under two hours! Frost really draws you into the lives of both of these girls . You really feel Wren's anxiety as the the hours pass. Every number before her narrative counts down how long she stays in the garage.


For Darra their is a quiet strength that seems impossible in a girl that has grown up with an abusive father. Darra's narrative voice is calm and controlled like ice, until she reunites with Wren.


There is also a secret narrative in the Darra's chapter's. the letters at the end of every long sentence tell her side of the story during Wren's stay in the garage. I recommend that you go back and read that after you finish the book so you don't be distracted by Frost's powerful narrative.


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Oh this one looks good! And I totally love that cover.