Friday, May 20, 2011

Review: THe Meowmorphosis by Kafka & Coleridge Cook


So I thought after the last Pride & Prejudice with Zombies  book I was done with literary mash ups. However when QUIRK offered me the review opportunity for Meowmorphosis I decided to give it a try. The art and packaging are stellar as always but the literary choice does not do well with Quirks mash up formula. Kafka's work is difficult to put it lightly, but Cook really rises to the task. You get a sense of the same feelings of the original novel and their are even some themes with Gregor on the streets of the city instead of just the stifling room and his families despair.

However it wasn't enough to really engage me though I would seek out Cook's personal works.

The illustrations in this book were also disappointing they seem kind of rushed. Quite a mistep for the Quirk line though the author seems promising.

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