Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Review: Squish Super Amoeba



Release Date 5/11
Publisher: Random House Children's Books

  Squish is a really fun Graphic Novel for young readers. What I enjoyed most about it is the way it Incorporated true scientific facts about germs and Amoeba's. Kids however will be more drawn into Squish's adventures. The story opens with Squish engrossed in his favorite comic book Super Amoba, he then heads off to school where he is joined by his friends: Pod an Amoeba obsessed with trading his awful lunches and stopping global warming,  Peggy the paramecium always sweet, chipper and slightly clueless and Lynwood a large Amoeba and bully. There is plenty of action thrills and jokes as we are introduced to this fun cast.

The entire book has art in Green, Black and White color tones. This was a quick fun read that would be perfect for  young readers of for Parent/Child readings
This is the first in a series By Jennifer L.&Matthew Holm. The story moves at a steady pace filled with action and fun comedic scenes. A really fun read.

Thanks to Random House Kids for the opportunity to review this book.



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