Monday, May 30, 2011

Review Vicious Little Darlings by Katherine Easer

This Debut book is a contemporary read centering around Sarah. Sarah has been sent to the prestigious Wetherly College in New England. She has been sent there as a form of exile after being caught having sex with a boy by her grandmother. Sarah is an interesting character. She comes from a broken home with an absentee father and a mother that left her years ago. There is a coldness in her heart and she narrates her life and her experiences both emotional and sexual with a dispassionate voice. It is the entrance of her roommate Madison Snow into her life that shakes the foundations of her world. Maddy is beautiful, blond and troubled.
Maddy's best friend Agnes Pierce also enters her life. Agnes is completely devoted to Maddy, obsessively so. Soon Sarah finds her self living off campus in a house paid for by Agnes father. the friendship begins to unravel and a strange series of events  and Maddy's subtle control of Sarah's life cause her to doubt her choices.
There is a wonderful creepiness to this novel. It's similar to the movie Single White Female in the fact the Sarah's roommates become obsessive, secretive and ultimately deadly. I enjoyed reading a straight contemporary YA thriller. Katherine has a highly readable narrative style and was able to keep the suspense going til the stunning finale.

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