Saturday, May 21, 2011



PRICE: 1.99

I'm a huge fan of Mira Grant. especially her zombie book Feed. Apocalypse Scenario #683 is an interesting short story with a twist ending. A group of friends have been meeting for 15 years playing a game. They each come up with a scenario that will lead to the end of the world. Fun huh? Each meeting one person takes center stage and discusses their plan while the others give opinions on its validity and possibility of success. One of their friends Cole is missing for their scheduled meeting , but she still participates. She has a fellow member of the group bring a recording of her plan to be played to everyone. This scenario however is not fun and games. Its chilling, and real and her friends are left with a difficult choice.

I enjoyed this story. It was nice to read something else by Mira and I must say she is very talented as a short story writer. I really felt connected to the characters and the overwhelming sense of tension that was being foreshadowed.
One thing that fell short for me in regards to this story. The Price. I felt $1.99 was a little too much for a 12 page story. In fact more pages are spent on the excerpt of Feed after the story. I really feel like Orbit needs to adjust their prices for some of  these e-books Mira's story should have been priced at .99cents.


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