Friday, May 20, 2011

Short Story Spotlight: Let Me Call You Sweetheart by Gwen Hayes

I love TWITTER! Not only can you connect with your favorite writers but their are often wonderful opportunities. That's how I got the opportunity to review this short story form GWEN HAYES when she offered up a review opportunity. I really enjoyed Gwen's YA debut Falling Under. I also knew from her blog that she has written several short stories. So I was excited to see her writing in a different genre.
"Sweetheart" takes place in a wonderful small town called Port Grable , Oregon. Here Charlotte Jeeves, known to the locals as Charlie, has been living a quiet happy life. All that is shaken up by the arrival of Jeeves Allencaster a famous actor who is trying to escape the flakiness of Hollywood life. Charlie is nothing like any of Jeeves previous women. The two are neighbors in houses that have a romantic albeit unique history surrounding them. Neither is looking for love, but you know what they say about the best laid plans...
I really enjoyed seeing Gwen's writing skills in an adult contemporary romance. Their isn't one paranormal element present! Instead we get a story that starts flirtatious and funny as emotions grow between the two Jeeves . Their is also some dramatic tension as we learn about Charlie's past and her current reclusive life.
I enjoyed the couples story and the resolution, their is also a lot of fun and romantic scenes. This is a great introduction to Gwen and will definitely encourage readers to try some of her other works .

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