Monday, June 6, 2011



When I first started reading Super Hero comics of course I started wondering where are the girls? I always enjoyed Supergirl but it was Batgirl that quickly became my favorite. Barbara Gordon was the original wearer of the female cowl and utility belt and after she was crippled in The Killing Joke I didn't really keep up with the character. Since then the cowl has passed to Cassandra Cain and in this current graphic Novel Stephanie Brown. I think my unfamiliarity with SStephanie Brown prevented me from having a strong connection with the character but this volume had some strong points.

The first four issues reprinted in this volume was called The Flood. Miller has a great narrative flow that makes batgirl instantly accessible. Stephanie has a great athletic ability and a fun snarky personality. I also liked seeing a different side of Oracle as the two battle the plans of the Calculator.

Trust was one of my favorites in this trade because it featured one of my favorite villains Clayface . It was nice to Stephanie have some balance in her life at school.

Terror in the 3RD Dimension was a a fun team up with Supergirl and some 3D Vampires.

Overall a great trade, I really enjoyed Garbett and Perez's artwork but I'm not sure if Ill be reading more trades in the future.



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The Lovely Getaway said...

where did you get that comic? this is totally random, but I so have that Batgirl outfit in my closet as we speak. I'll be wearing it to SD Comic con this year!