Thursday, June 2, 2011

Review: Delirium's Party by Jill Thompson


The second entry in the Little Endless series and I have to say Jill Thompson is just getting better and better with these books! Once again Delirium takes center stage and rightfully so. Little Delirium really embodies the joyous spontaneity of a child as well as a gentle caring heart. After calling a few of her siblings and tucking in for the night Delirium is startled awake but an upsetting thought: she has never seen her sister Despair smile. Not once! So after a little thinking with her spectacular "thinking cap" she comes up with an idea. She will throw a party for Despair, certainly that will make her happy and happiness leads to smiles right ? More gorgeous illustrations and visits from the entire Endless family each bearing special gifts in order to please Despair.

Wonderful art and a really touching story. Perfection!



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titania86 said...

I love this new series! I read this one without knowing it was the second in a series, but it's just adorable while still keeping true to the characters.