Saturday, June 25, 2011

Review: Gossip From The Girls Room by Rose Cooper


This is a fun Middle grade novel full of laugh out loud fun and cute illustrations. Gossip is told in notebook form. In fact its Sophia's "pre-blogging" notebook where she keeps all her thoughts about what she wants to blog about. That's right Sophia is the secret creator of  Middlebrooke Middle school Blogtastic Blog. After inadvertently hearing some juicy gossip from Mia St. Clair the uber popular and rich popular student, Sophia begins to post all kinds of gossip stories. She gets so caught up in her comments and blog traffic she succumbs to some meanness and even betrays her best friend Nona's secret crush! 


Sophia's journal is really fun , Rose really captures the feel of a middle school and young students. We follow Sophia from home life to school as well as discovering her own person crush. When someone else claims to be the "Blogtastic Blogger"  Sophia has to decide if she should reveal herself or let it go. She also has to mend her friendship and discover how much random blogging can hurt those close to her.

A very quick fun read that is perfect for young girls. There is a little mean gossiping but Sophia learns a great lesson . Lots of fun =)




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Orchid said...

Gossip From the Girls Room sounds like a really cute, plus I love how the MC has a blog...except for the fact that it's a gossip blog. :)

Thanks for the great review. :)

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