Saturday, June 4, 2011

REVIEW : House Of Mystery Vol 6 Safe As Houses


Here we are at volume 6 of House of Mystery! I really enjoy this series and fans of Horror and Graphic Novels really should give it a try. House really works well as a trade collection since writer Matthew Sturges is a master at plotting this series in new and unexpected places as well as keeping the theme of the House: Drinks for stories.

There are stellar artists this issue as well Luca Rossi, Werther Dell'Edera and Jose Marzan Jr.Safe as house deals with a group of witches  who have come to the house at its new location the Goblin Market. The market is able to travel between dimensions and the witches are looking to get their land back and they need a goblin war party to attack the Summerlands.

Fig gets drawn into the battle against the villain Thinking Man and his army of flying robots, and scary mind worms. There is rich illustrations and action packed battles as well as an insight into the Goblin lifestyle and armies.

My favorite bit is a little goblin story with a "twist" ending :)



Another great collection! I'm always itching to read the individual comics after I finish a trade but then I remember how satisfying it is to read 4 or five issues at a time

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