Sunday, June 5, 2011




Six Volumes and 23 issues again Mark Waid started with a premise. What would happen if the strongest hero on the planet went rogue? It's been a wonderful ride watching the actions of the Plutonian as well as heartbreaking. After unveiling Tony's past as well as showing the lengths of his madness, we find that there has been a plan in place unknown to most of the world and Superhuman  community. An alien race has come and taken Tony of of the Earth's hands. Promising to keep him under control and to never let him leave their control.


Now the Paradigm, Tony's remaining teammates try to heal old wounds and rebuild trust with the human community. Power however can still corrupt and its not to clear if the saviours will just become another set of dictators.


Meanwhile Tony is being help on an alien prison planet, willingly submerging his consciousness into fantasies to avoid reality. Soon though an unknown presence appears in his mind and Tony is fully conscious on a hostile alien world,


Great writing by Waid. He takes the story into many unexpected turns . Peter Krause continues to bring stunning artwork with assistance by Diego Barreto and the art team of Dalhouse and Woodard. It's great to see there are many directions the course of the story can take.



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