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I don't usually review individual comic book issues on my site, but this groundbreaking book by Archie Comics deserves attention.One of the most common requests from readers of all ages and backgrounds is more diversity in their popular fiction. Though it isn't a prerequisite for me in my reading choices I'm always ready to support a book that takes risks and decides to enhance the general public knowledge about different races and alternate lifestyles.

Aptly titled "Meet Kevin Keller" this first issue focus of introducing Kevin to the Riverdale gang and Archie comic readers. What to say about Kevin? He's blond, handsome, and can really give Jughead some competition in the charity pie eating contest. Oh yes, and he is Gay. A former army brat Kevin has traveled across the world and is now settling down with his father Colonel Keller and his wife. Kevin is a well thought out and balanced character. He is funny and clearly conveys his sexuality with a confident ease.

As two of Kevin's friends Wendy and William join the group we learn more about Kevin's past and how he came out to his parents. From his interactions with his family it is apparent his confidence comes from a strong familial bond and unconditional support.

I really commend Archie for taking a chance with this subject and the character. There is an easy flow to Dan Parent's story and dialogue. It is apparent their is a theme of education  and exploration of family life with a Gay son but there is no preachy dialogue or exploration of moral or Religious issues. I'm really curious to see the direction the rest of the series takes as Kevin has a very strong desire to pursue a military career with his Father's blessing. I also would like to see if the creative team will portray any romantic relationships with Kevin since at the time of this first issue he is currently single.

A well balanced and enjoyable read filled with some funny parts and serious exploration of current events .I hope fans of diverse fiction will give these issues or the upcoming trade collection a try.


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