Saturday, July 30, 2011

Spotlight On Fiction For Boys REVIEW: UNLOCKED by RYAN G. VAN CLEAVE


Unlocked is the story of Andy a High School student who is relatively invisible except for the occasional bullying. He also deals with the embarrassment and teasing surrounding his Fathers employment as the school janitor. He begins a friendship with fellow outcast Blake. then stirrings begin. Rumors and curiosities about Blake his locker and the possibility of a weapon inside it. A gun.

This was an OK read. I was drawn to it because of the male protagonist. It was a quick read since the novel is set in prose format. The prose though is nothing unique and doesn't add to the atmosphere of the story.The High School life is realistic but predictable, the Gun subplot was intriguing as well as what if anything Blake is planning.

Definitely a book that might appeal to middle grade males.


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