Thursday, July 7, 2011

Guest Post & Review: Eat Slay Love by Jesse Petersen

The Zombie "Force" has really been strong with me lately. Not only did I get the wonderful opportunity to review Eat, Slay , Love from NETGALLEY but I also convinced the lovely and talented Jesse Petersen to contribute a guest post for me!   Read below to her Jesse's thoughts on Why Zombies are Awesome and my Review of Eat ,Slay , Love:

Zombies are Awesome
Jesse Petersen

Hi everyone and thanks to Kai for having me here today and for the review of EAT SLAY LOVE! If you don’t know who I am, I write zombie comedy. Lots of people hear that and they say… what? Zombies (horror) plus comedy (you know, haha)? It doesn’t seem to go together, especially in light of a lot of recent movies and books about zombies that were freaking terrifying (28 Days Later, Resident Evil, World War Z).

But I think that’s what I like about zombies. They are at once terrifying and… kind of funny. Let me explain first why zombies are scary:

1. They are dead, but they still walk around – that’s pretty scary. When something is dead, it should be dead. It shouldn’t get up and walk around and try to eat you.

2. They don’t have any drive except to eat – other bad guys have a reason to kill you. Maybe you can reason with them. But zombies? Not so much. They just want to eat you. The end. You can’t talk or pay your way out of it.

3. Zombies are not sexy – vampires and werewolves and pretty much all “monsters” who used to be bad guys have been a bit sexified. But zombies? You might be able to tell a great love story with zombies, but I’m guessing it won’t be very hot.

And this leads me to why zombies are funny.

1. They are dead, but they still walk around – sound familiar? Yeah. That’s because it’s pretty funny, as well as scary. A dead, mindless thing staggers around, loses an arm and just whines like a little girl and can be easily distracted by brains. That’s just silly.

2. Three words: Falling Body Parts – imagine it… you are having a conversation with someone and bam, they lose and ear. They don’t care. Just keep doing what they’re doing. It’s cool. It’s gross, but pretty hilarious.

3. People under stress get snarky – at least in the “Living With the Dead” world I created they do. In MARRIED WITH ZOMBIES Dave and Sarah fight and spar and snark their way out of Seattle thanks to the zombies. And snark is fun. I don’t care who you are.

So that pretty much rounds it up for me. I like zombies. I like fun. Put them together and you have a grand old time, indeed.

Thanks so much Jesse! Now for my Review: 

 This is the third book of the Living with The Dead series. I  struggled a little  with the second book Flip This Zombie but I 'm happy to say with this book the series is definitely back on track!

There are so many great concepts in this book:

  • New Characters: It's great to see David and Sarah interact with new people. Especially the nosey frustrating reporter Nicole, an addict rocker Colin McCray, and Kathleen the leader of a survivor group.

  • New Mission: David and Sarah decide to check out the rumour of THE WALL a possible bastion of human survivors. The zombie cure to the military and find out about Sarah's parents.
  These aspects are what make this a great read along with the fun interplay between David and Sarah. Their relationship is really tested as they encounter a wide variety of people and situations. I was also glad to see a lot more maturity in each character and a stronger romantic bond.


Yes Petersen continues to bring amazing zombie action and scary situations.  There are also her trademark humorous and sarcastic interplay between David & Sarah, She has also deftly created a subplot about the changes David has experienced since his near fatal bite. There are also lots of  interesting foundations for future novels. A major revelation occurs this volume that  is going to really affect the futures of Nicole, Sarah and David and leave space for many new adventures.

A great read!



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