Saturday, July 2, 2011

MY MANGA WEEKEND 71/11 -7/4/11

So. I have a lot of Manga! I've acquired this stack over the last year or so through library sales, Paperback Swap and thrift stores. So since I won't be able to attend the AX Anime expo in Los Angeles due to budget :( I've decided to make my own little celebration at home! I ll be reading and reviewing as many of these Manga as possible:

I'll be watching Black Butler & The Melancholy of Harumi and other Anime thanks to Netflix Instant .


    I also have tons of Pocky and other fun Japanese treats, and Tea of course :)

So join me and get some info on some great Manga & Anime


Kristin @ Beneath Shining Stars said...

I wish you could've come to AX this year! >_< It would've been awesome to meet you! (I'm attending for 3/4 days.) Also, wait until you get to the second season of Black Butler; I liked it a lot better than the first season although I definitely loved the first season too.

Anonymous said...

Mangaaa!!!! It is amazing. I am currently watching the 'School Of Rumble' series. Hmm pocky =3

Orchid said...

There are some awesome sounding titles in reading stack, can't wait to see what you think them.

I've only seen the first episode of Black Butler, but I absolutely loved it. Some times I just listen to it while I'm writing posts.

Happy reading. :)

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