Saturday, July 9, 2011

REVIEW : ELRIC THE BALANCE LOST by Robertson and Biagini


PRICE: 3.99

The Elric series by Michael Moorcock has always been one of those series I've meant to read at some point. Their were numerous comic adaptions in the past that I read and enjoyed but upon trying the source novels I struggled a bit with them. I've been a huge fan of Chris Roberson's since I started reading his series
I Zombie. When I heard Chris was going to be writing Elric :The Balance lost I knew I would definitely be picking it up.

For those not familiar with Elric he is the Eternal Champion, the bearer of the Demon- Blade Stormbringer. His is a cosmic calling to keep the balance between Chaos and Law. There are also aspects of Elric in other world and dimensions including our own where he is Eric Beck. There is also an aspect of Elric called Lord Hawkmoon. Events are churning that are aligning all this aspects and men to a source of Chaos that threatens all the worlds.

Lots of concepts and personalities but the series is definitely new reader friendly and that is due to a well plotted story. It's obvious that Chris has a vast knowledge of the Elric mythology. That allows him to quickly introduce the players and move the action forward.  There is action a plenty as we get to see get to see Elric in action against a horde of of demons.

Francesco Biagini is a marvelous artist. This is my first experience with his work and he is a great choice for the series. Gorgeous colors and shadings give a sense of flow and movement as well as epic battle sequences.There is a subtle modern feel to to the world of Eric Beck and a more medieval feel to Hawkmoon's world.

This a great book for Fantasy fans. See a sample of the series Here

I'm also going to give the Elric novels another try so I just ordered these today:



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