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Germline is an absorbing and realistic exploration of War and the ultimate weapon, genetically modified super soldiers.With just one prior short story experience with T. C.'s work there are several characteristics prevalent in this novel that are hallmarks of his writing style:
Realistic Military Action:

We are introduced to Wendell civilian reporter for the Star's and Stripes.attached to a Marines unit we witness the military life through his journalistic observations that quickly become blurred as he bonds with the unit. In the underground trenches Wendell earns the respect of the Marines and loses his objectivity.

It's about this point in the story that I really started to feel differently about him. Wendell begins to lose himself in a haze of drugs and alcohol. Introduced to the soldiers drug of choice Zip he begins to tumble into  a frozen numbness.I became really disconnected  with Wendell at this point. He forgets his job and really loses himself in a stupor of drugs and alcohol. I was fascinated by the world building and a realistic exploration of war McCarthy created

Strong Female Characters:

The Genetics were the most intriguing part of this book for me. Engineered soldiers. All women all fostered with a strong sense of duty and military skill. they have a hive like mentality. They dress alike look alike and despite their usefulness are distanced from the regular soldiers.

Everything about these soldiers is fascinating . I actually wanted more of them and less of Wendell. Through a series of events Wendell finds himself traveling with a group of the G's. He is closer to them than anyone has ever been before and  one of them Bridgette forms a connection with him.

The relationship between the two of them really humanized Wendell for me and made him a more well rounded character. Wendell's love for her is an anchor in a turbulent world.

The relationship between the two also helped me see the overall path of the novel and insight into Wendell as well. It was interesting for me reading about a character I didn't like ! To then come out the other side with a better understanding of the character is always enjoyable. I also was fascinated by the science of the G's they are bred with strict controls , a religious philosophy that rationalises their battles and even a specified expiration date, but somehow something different stirs inside Bridgette, a desire to experience more. I really want to know more about the G's and would love a novel solely from there POV.

Overall a fascinating start to a new series though I did struggle a bit with some of the characters the action and battle sequences moved the story forward at a good pace. Really interested in reading the next book .
Thanks to ORBIT books and T.C. McCarthy for the opportunity to review this book.



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