Friday, July 29, 2011


Connie Briscoe is a new author to me . What I enjoyed most about this book is her handling of a contemporary African- American cast. Lenora Stone is a very approachable character that women of all races can relate too. She is stuck in a job she is good at that doesn't make her happy. She is unhappy with her 3 plus year relationship wit Gerald but yet is pressuring him to marry her.Then her life changes when she wins the lottery.

What would seem like a dream leaves Lenora feeling uneasy. She delays handing in the ticket and  when she does those around her begin to act differently. Her once unavailable boyfriend now seems at her beck and call. He new freelance client Ray lingers in her thoughts despite Gerald's sudden proposal.

From the being prologue the reader knows how fortune turns for Lenora but I still was curious about how she got there. Through a string of careless decisions and much eye rolling on my part we begin to see her life unravel. Lenora is a realistic and flawed character , Briscoe really gets an emotional reaction out of you with these characters. A great beach read with an interesting premise. My only complaint is the ending. Yea the character had a journey but I wasn't satisfied with the character's situation at the end.

                                                                        2  1/2 :




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Anonymous said...

I'm sorry you didn't love the ending but I'm glad you liked the rest of the book. Thanks for being on the tour!