Sunday, July 17, 2011

REVIEW: Nghtshade by Andrea Cremer


Nightshade was another book that I bought based on a beautiful cover and blogger buzz. I wasn't disappointed! Calla Tor is a young woman who thinks she knows her place in the world. She is a Guardian Alpha wolf. Her job is to protect sites sacred to the keepers. It is a pact that has existed for several years. the next step for her is a marriage and Mating with Ren Laroche. The two will became a united pack and the future of the packs.

Then that all changes when she meets and instinctively saves a human boy. From there her life becomes filled with uncertainty and an unexpected passion for Shay. Shay himself has secrets and a power that he is unaware of. The star of this novel and Cremers' writing talent is the characterization of Calla. She is a vibrant and real character. She takes her job seriously yet is not afraid to take a risk of the heart.

There were a few slow bits for me and Calla's vacillating back and forth with  Shay bothered me a bit but the book never failed to entertain and keep me turning the pages.

The action and magic is well realised and I was fascinated by the Keeper Guardian relationship. Shay's questioning nature and Calla's sharp mind and strength really propel the story forward. A great beginning to the series.


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Orchid said...

Thanks for the great review. I keep hearing good things about Nightshade, but still haven't decided if I want to read it. =)