Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I leave for SDCC today. Four plus days of shopping, and other fangirl pursuits! I'm going to be showcasing some authors that I will be meeting at the Con with some reviews of their books. If you are a fan of the Iron Man movies The Invincible Iron Man series is the one for you. It really incorporates the timeline of the movies with other events going on in the Marvel Universe. 


Matt Fraction continues his brilliant run on Invincible Iron man. What stood out the most to me this volume is how little superhero style fighting is in this collection of issues 25-28. I was still riveted to every panel and issue. First up is The Hammer Girls where we see Stark rivals and their invention Detroit Steel an Iron Man wanabe with a human pilot and looking to fill the void of Tony Starks Iron Man.

As for Tony he is sifting through the documents that cover the period he has forgotten since his mental reboot.

Visionary Men puts the next major storyline and Tony Stark on his future path. He decides to get out of the Military business and focus on licensing cheap, clean Repulsor technology and assembles a team to help him change the future. i really enjoy Fraction spotlighting Tony's intelligence along with the personality flaws that make Tony well Tony!

I was also excited with the story line involving Pepper Potts. No longer happy being CEO She demands Tony honor his promise and get hr back into the Rescue armor. there is also some romantic tension between the two as well as tony and Maria Hill, since he doesn't remember sleeping with the both of them. Or does he?

Great stories and equally enjoyable art from Salvador Larroca. This continues to be one of my favorite series and though the waiting is sometimes torturous i love reading it in the graphic Novel format.


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