Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I wanted to spotlight some books that might interest middle grade or Young adult males. Studies are showing this demographic is not engaging in a lot of non-required reading. Hopefully one of these books might appeal to a young male in your life :)


Cyborg is second in a series called The Clone Codes but it is a stand alone read. In the year 2161 technology has advanced but discrimination hasn't. Despite a society that creates Cyborgs they don't trust them or give them the basic civil liberties. After an accident Huey wakes to find he is a cyborg. His family though initially supportive soon ships him off. Huey however has plans of his own. With his clone friend Leanna become renegades fighting against a society that sees them as second class citizens.

Teens will have a fun time with this book as well as having some subtle education on discrimination.
This was a fast paced read though a little heavy on information pages. It has a bit of a twist ending but it was an enjoyable read.
The Mckissacks have created a well thought out universe with the opportunity for future sequels .


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