Wednesday, July 20, 2011

THINGS TO COME Fiction State Of Mind 7/20/11- 7/30/11

Tomorrow I leave for SDCC. I'm so fortunate to live driving distance from one of the premier popular fiction events in the world! In pat years the con has really expanded and there is a large presence from the publishing industry so Ill be meeting tons of my favorite Authors and getting bookish swag :)
Look for all my updates and Pics at Twitter under my ID @yogikai especially Sunday night where I will be posting swag pics and hosting a twitter only contest where one lucky USA tweep will get a swag pack.

Here are some reviews I have set up for the week: Weds Thru Saturday I'll be spotlighting some great Graphic Novels:

Sunday 7/24 Ill be talking about YA authors and panels that are being showcased at SDCC


Review of the mystery novel Vintage Connor

7/26 my review of Aleron

7/27- 7/30
Spotlight on Fiction For Boys
Have a great weekend! 

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The Lovely Getaway said...

have a safe trip! :) you should totally do a little event recap when you return!