Wednesday, August 10, 2011



I get really emotional about my favorite characters. In the pas t couple pf years a lot of changes in the Spider man books really turned me off. It was sad because I really enjoy the character, About a year ago I started hearing some positive buzz about Dan Slott and Humberto Ramos run of Amazing Spider Man. So yesterday I picked up this trade collection at my local comic shop. I have to say I loved this book!

I'm not totally adverse to change but I really hate it when the true essence of the characters are changed. Slott makes this volume so enjoyable because he embraces what happened before in continuity but also succeeds in bringing back the quintessential elements that make Peter an iconic and heroic character.I also enjoyed  how Slott brings Peter scientific skills to the forefront. So much so that Peter finds himself working a dream job at a local scientific lab. Peter also has formed a balance with the women in his life, balancing a new relationship along with a friendship with ex-wife  Mary Jane.

Also tons of great superhero action and the return of some of Spidey's greatest villains. I'm so excited for this new direction in Spiderman's life. I really enjoyed Ramos art in this trade as well, especially his versions of Black Cat and Mary Jane.

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S. Leighanne said...

I've never been one for comics or graphic novels, but one of my managers is gradually turning me over to that side!

I've passed on a blog award to you :] To see which, come see the post here!