Wednesday, August 31, 2011



There is something to be said for reading a book with out knowing much about it :) I picked this ARC up based on the gorgeous cover and the cover blurb. All I knew was that young Ar was on a quest to find out who she is and where she comes from. Her pale skin, teal eyes and strange silver hair always sets her apart, even amongst the loving foster parents who have raised her to be smart and self reliant. Visiting an asylum where her mother last resided she finds a clue that takes her into the New 2, a New Orleans that has been broken apart by strong hurricanes. A New Orleans that nine families purchase making themselves a country unto themselves.

I really enjoyed this book!! I was on the edge of a reading slump when Keaton's story woke me up, and really enthralled me. Ari is such a realistic character. She has quite the mouth on her! :) Her sarcasm and colorful language are a part of her charm and seem natural to her. Did a mention there is also a sexy love interest in Sebastian and a really angry Goddess?? Such a great read and the revelation of Ari's powers is fascinating! Give me book two now!


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