Sunday, August 21, 2011


The Dream Thief is a free standing yet interconnected novel to The Smoke Thief. The Dream Thief centers around Lady Amalia Langford daughter to Rue and Christoff. She shares many of the characteristics of her mother Rue.She has yet to develop a gift but she has had recurring dreams since she was a child. The dreams are vague at first accompanied with a haunting song. Then as she gets older the dreams become cleared and they all center around one man : Zane, the young urchin her mother Rue rescued many years ago. In these dreams she is enslaved to Zane. partially by her love but mostly due to the gem Draumr a gem that control even the strongest dragon. Years past and Lia keeps the dreams to her self.

When Zane is summoned by Christoff and Rue to find the gem Lia knows at last it is time, forces are in motion that will make her either a slave to or master of Zane.

I really was drawn to Lia, she is so strong and wise beyond her years yet has the burden of knowing she could betray all she loves if she falls under Zane's influence.

Zane is such an intriguing character. He is a thief , a gentleman thief but still a thief. Shanna doesn't flinch in her descriptions of his character and motives. I really found myself concerned for Lia and could easily see her darkest dreams come true. As the pair travel into the Carpatian Mountains they come closer to their goal, discover a new tribe of dragons and must decide together what their fate will be: enslavement or love.

Wonderful read I'm looking forward to the next book in the series.




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