Thursday, August 11, 2011

REVIEW: MATCHED by Ally Condie


 Matched was THE buzzed book last year. I heard bloggers raving about it and witnessed a massive ad campaign about it. I was also intrigued by the amazing cover. Last December I received it in a Book Blogger holiday Swap and was so excited! Now I've finally read it and my feelings are a bit conflicted,


I have to say Ally is very talented. Even though I dint emotionally connect with the main character Cassia I was always intrigued and kept turning the pages . I also like yhe way  she world builds . We learn more about the Society and the restrictions of Cassia's world through her daily interactions.


In Cassia's world everything is controlled. All the choices are monitored for the best of the society and the individual. The biggest event in Cassia's life is occurring : her Match ceremony. At this social dinner she will be introduced to her future husband. On a startling occurrence her match actually turns out to be her best friend Xander. Then the unthinkable happens her match documents show a second boy as well Ky Markham. No thoughts and emotions work through Cassia's heart as she finds herself falling in love with Ky .

The relationship between Ky and Cassia develops slowly and grows stronger as Cassia distances her self more and more from Xander.

I was really interested in Ky as well as Xander, they are two very different men who have had different life experiences in the Society but I really couldn't connect to the relationships they had with Cassia. Maybe its a reflection of their society but I really didn't feel passionately about either choice.

I would be interested to see hot the story develops but I'm not fully invested in the series at this point .




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Great review, I've heard similar things about this book!

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