Saturday, August 13, 2011

REVIEW: NIGHT of The Living Trekkies by Kevin David and Sam Stall


Ah, summertime! Longer days, Vacation, Beach trips and for us fan girls and fan boys one of our favorite pastimes: Conventions! I had purchased “Night” in February. What sold me were two things: Star Trek Fans and Zombies!

In the tradition of most great Horror stories our story begins with a prologue set up. We are introduced to two military personnel guarding a medical research lab and discussing their attendance at the upcoming Star Trek convention. Things go wrong and a mysterious creature escapes.

Next we are introduced to Jim Pike (yep they go there). Jim is a former solder working as security at the Botany Bay Hotel in Houston Texas. It’s Friday, the kickoff of the weekend Star trek convention which is expected to draw thousands.

Things aren’t going well for Jim. He is having strange, scary flashback dreams and a growing since of unease. Half the hotel staff is out sick with a strange flu virus and there is a pack of strange homeless people moaning and shuffling in the alley behind the kitchens. Can you see where this is going? :0

Once Anderson and Stall set the scene, including the arrival of Jim’s sister and a beautiful stranger garbed in a princess Leia costume (slave girl of course!) zombie chaos ensues. Soon there are zombified Klingons and Red Shirt’s everywhere.

I enjoyed the action scenes in this book as well as the zombie action but there was a little too much predictable Star Trek jokes. The zombies are very parasitic in nature with an interesting feature I haven’t seen before.

There are some laugh out loud moments and some great action but some parts were overly predictable. It is a quick fun read though perfect for the beach or resting in your room post convention. 


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