Tuesday, August 9, 2011


I've been a fan of Mark Waid's since I started reading his series Irredeemable. Potter's Field is a reprint of  a series of independent issues that Waid & Azaceta created together in 2009.John Doe is on a mission. He wants to give the dead a voice. To take the ID numbers of the anonymous graves in Potter's Field and discover their fates and their murderers. These are dark gritty tales that showcase the dramatic impact the comic book format can have. In his quest Doe has a string of operatives from cops to the news media. He shakes the truth from dark dank places and the criminal element leaving the reader illuminated  and the victims named. Doe is mysterious and his motives not clear but always intriguing. After reading these 3 issues and the collected one shot I only want one thing: More Stories!

A wonderful read, fans of mystery and Noir stories will really enjoy this series.



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