Thursday, August 25, 2011

REVIEW :Tempest in the Tea Leaves by Kari Lee Townsend


Two things intrigued me when I got this review request: It was a Mystery book and The Paranormal aspect. I didn't know what to expect  with this novel but I thoroughly enjoyed it! From the opening chapters I felt drawn to Sunny Meadows story. In a few chapters we see Sunny leave the security of her parents Manhattan home to the small town of Divinity in upstate New York.
From the beginning she is warned about the house.It's haunted. For Sunny though it feels like home. The home seems to respond to her and her moods. Then there is Morty a pure white tabby and definite "owner" of the home.
Barely unpacked Sunny receives her first customer: Amanda Robbins a flustered anxious woman. Through the tea reading Sunny discovers Amanda is in grave danger. When  her client leaves Sunny can't let go of her uneasy thoughts so she calls the local police. Soon hunky, skeptical Detective Stone is at her door full of doubts and stirring up dangerous emotions in Sunny.
Stone grudgingly agrees to stop by Amanda's place . the next morning Stone is back with news: Amanda is dead and Sunny is arrested and bought in for suspicion of Murder!
There are many plot twists in turns in this book all enjoyable. Sunny's powers are real but she cant full control them. So she relies on the desire to prove her innocence and the wonderful sources of information of all small towns: gossiping  locals!
Kari deftly weaves in paranormal elements, the hallmarks of  a good mystery story and romance that will hopefully blossom in future volumes.  I also enjoyed the Tea Leaf readings. I have had one in the past and Kari's rendering of the sessions are very realistic. I'm definitely on board for the next volume in this series.


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