Sunday, August 7, 2011

Review: The Water Wars by Cameron Stracher


While reading this book I tweeted how you can tell your reading a good dystopia novel when you have the urge to horde food, water and buy a gas mask! This is the atmosphere (no pun intended) in the Water Wars.
Will in Vera live a life of thirst and routine. The live in Illinowa a new boundary for a new shared world. Then one day Vera sees Kai. He pulls up in a black gas guzzler, surrounded by guards and defiantly wastes water. Vera sees through his facade though. Sees a lonely young rich boy.

She is fascinated by Kai's world. his father is a wealthy driller, but Kai spends a great deal of time alone before hanging out with Vera and Will. I really loved how Stracher quickly brings us up to speed in this world. He creates a realistic future. It hits home to the reader how much we take our survival necessities for granted.

When Kai disappears, after leaving mysterious hints to Vera about a treasure trove of water, Vera convinces Will to come with her to find him. Leaving the boundaries of their home they soon face the larger world and it's dangers: Pirates, trigger happy environmentalists as well as the secret to Kai's fathers drilling success.

This novel quickly shifts gears from the monotonous life of Vera and Will to numerous life threatening challenges that keep the readers on their toes and to question who if anyone can be trusted. A really good read filled with character growth, examination and ultimately hope.



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Siobhán @ Totally Bookalicious said...

Been wanting this for a while. But not sure about buying the hardcover or waiting for the paperback release.