Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Hi everyone! Today's topic is about fostering community despite a busy schedule and blog duties. I do this two ways:

I've mentioned before about how twitter is partly responsible for my blogging but it also is a great way foster new and existing connections' I'm on twitter a lot and I'm a RT machine! I also find new bloggers to follow through triggers suggestion feed.

OK. I'll confess. I'm a read-a-thon addict!! If any one is hosting I'm in and probably hosting a prize giveaway :) Any blog I come across that interests me I sign up. This not only gets my blog exposure but helps me do what I started my blog for: to connect with fellow book lovers :)

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Erin said...

Great advice! I'm working on Twitter. It's not my strong point, but I think if I can figure it out, I'll really like it. I asked for advice in my post today and got some good suggestions. As for readathons...I love them too! My problem is that I always come across them when they're already happening, or it's too late to clear my schedule to participate. They're so much fun, though!