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I knew nothing of this book before Joe Schreiber gave it to me at SDCC11. I was in line to get a copy of Joe's book Death Troopers signed. While talking to Joe he gave me an Arc of this book. Au revoir is the chronicle of one unbelievable night between a boy , a girl, a Jaguar and a prom. Perry Stormaire is forced to miss an important gig his band has set up in order to go to the prom. His date? Live in foreign exchange student Gobi. Not the typical exchange student our Gobi. After his youthful exchange student fantasies are squashed by Gobi's unkempt appearance and quiet strangeness the two have mostly ignored each other. Now however Gobi has put in a request: That Perry take hr to the prom.
After a few awkward moments at the prom the duo head off to New York. Perry soon finds out that Gabi is not who she has pretended to be all these months. She has this one night and a list of 5 name. Five people she wants to kill!
This is an action packed read with a great balance of action and laugh out loud moments. I really enjoyed seeing the story through Perry's eyes. Gobi's mission quickly bring them to the attention of some very bad people. Guns are blazing, car chases ensue and the bodies start stacking up. I really didn't know what to think about Gabi, She is definitely a bad ass but as events unfold a tragic reason behind her actions is revealed. Lots of different facets to her personality. I really became sympathetic towards her despite some of her actions.
A quick and enjoyable read I'm impressed by Schreibers's foray into the young adult world.


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I thought this book was pretty wild too. Nice review!