Thursday, September 1, 2011


QUIRK consistently publishes the most intriguing books! Winters who wrote Sense & Sensibility with Sea Monsters now gives us this creepy, itch horror read. Susan and Alex Wendt appear to be leaving the NY dream: A semi successful business, a beautiful daughter and for Susan who has recently quit her job, the ability to pursue her dream of being an artist.

It is Susan who pushes for the move. Susan is an interesting character. I didn't really connect with her in the beginning she seemed very selfish. Despite having a part time caregiver and the necessary equipment to work Susan avoids her canvas and unconsciously uses the move as a smoke screen for her personal struggles.

Once nestled in their Brooklyn apartment though Susan is convinced they made the right choice. Alex has a better commute and Emma has a room of her own. There is even a very sweet albeit nosy landlord. Susan sighs in relief, until the bites appear.

Three small marks lead her to a path of fear, paranoia and madness. Alex and Emma aren't affected at all. An established exterminator comes to check and declares the home free of bedbugs and even Susan's doctor thinks the bites are the result  of a mental psychosis

Speaking of bites have I mentioned the itching? Winters vivid descriptions envelop you so be prepared for some empathetic scratching!

A wonderful contemporary Horror story. A quick enjoyable read with a twist ending I really didn't expect. But OH! The creepiness!! I'm not a fan of the BUGS!

Thanks to Quirk for the opportunity to Review this book.


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Jillian said...

ohhh this sounds freaky! Thanks for the review. it sounds really interesting.