Tuesday, October 11, 2011

COUNTDOWN by Mira Grant

Oh! How I love Mira Grant and her Newsflesh books! This e-novella is well a Countdown to the creation of the world that exists in Mira's books Feed and Deadline.

It begins with Amanda Aberlee a beautiful young girl free of Cancer due to the "Marburg Denver" a nasty destructive virus tamed by man.

In Virginia we find Dr. Kellis and his team working on a cure for the common cold. We go between these two groundbreaking scientists works seeing their progress. Seeing how it all goes horribly wrong.

A group of activists destroy the Kellis lab. Through a series of events these two viruses meet, converge, infect and soon the dead rise, and the Mason family in Berkeley CA are on the forefront of the attacks.

This is a wonderful stand alone story as well as a companion to Grant's series. Like many great Zombie tales it's the human element that makes this story compelling and terrifying!

I loved learning the beginnings of the concepts in Feed as well as a thrilling read. I also loved that 89 of the105 pages of the e-book are ACTUAL STORY. Orbit really got it right with this one ! It's definitely worth $2.99.

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