Sunday, October 30, 2011



I cant believe that this is the final volume of the adventures of John Cleaver :(. This novel brings several story threads to a head and leaves you reeling from the shocking finale. For those unfamiliar with the series: the main character John has always known he was different. Realising he has several characteristics of well known Serial Killers John creates a code of conduct to keep his urges in check. All that changed when he discovered the existence of Demons. Like the one across the street pretending to be an old man. Or the viscous killer that kidnapped John and offered him the girl of his dreams and a knife. Each of these encounters has cost John its of his control and now he has baited one of the most dangerous Demons so fa: Nobody. A rash of suicides along with a murder set up a dangerous game of cat and mouse between the two,

In the midst of this John finds himself in an unlikely relationship with Marci, the daughter of a local police officer. Marci has a deep interest in the case as well and John finds in her a partner who he can share his innermost thoughts with, even the deepest and darkest ones.

The identity of Nobody and her connection to the suicides is one of the most shocking and inventive twists of the series so far. I seriously didn't know how John would survive this! The ending also sheds new light on John's disorder as well as giving him a possible path for the future. A wonderful end to three fine books that are a must for fans of Thriller/Horror fiction. Loved it so much!!!


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