Monday, October 31, 2011

REVIEW: IF I DIE by Rachel Vincent

It's really hard to review this book. Mostly because I really DON'T want to do a review. Instead I want to call up a fellow fan of the Soul Screamers series and have a total gabfest about all the twists and turns in this latest adventure :)

Kaylee is tyring to get her life back on track. she is trying to bridge the recent distance between herself and Nash despite the constant interference from his ex Sabine. Kaylee's world gets torn asunder when reaper Tod lets her know that she is on the death list. Now in the final week of her life Kaylee is trying to make everyone else's life safe. Besides what's the worst that can happen? she's already slated to die. I spent a lot of this book in denial! Rachel couldnt' possible kill Kaylee right? There has to be a loophole somewhere!

As the narrative unfolds every attempt at stopping the inevitable is swept away, I was on the edge of my seat wondering how this would end. Now with time running out Kaylee must also discover what her heart truly desires. She makes the decision to move her relationship with Nash forward. One thing after another interrupts them however and then there is Tod. Tod's desperate glances that stir feeling s inside of her she cannot explain.
Her impending death has snapped Tod into action and into a confession that will change everything. Such a wonderful read! Rachel is so gifted at world building as well as exploring the hearts and minds of young adults.

I'm so excited to see the next phase of Kaylee's journey. If your new to the soul Screamers book be sure to pick up the newly collected Omnibus edition of books 1-3 of the soul screamers saga.

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