Saturday, October 29, 2011

Review: The Iron King by Julie Kagawa

Hello everyone! This being the last week of my Frightful Fall and Wild Card week I was forced ( ouch! Stop that!) I mean persuaded by some very pushy Goblins to review their book ( though their barely in it and they get out.. Ouch! Ok Ok)

The Iron King is the story of Meghan Chase. On the eve of her 16th Birthday and things are shifting in her world. Her brother Ethan is acting strangely, her best friend Rob is being cagey and she is noticing strange things out of the corner of her eye.

Things go from bad to worse as she discovers her brother Ethan has been abducted by a changeling ( he, he that was a good part get to us!)
Megan's eyes become aware of the normally unseen Fae world by none other than her best friend Rob also known as puck!

Like Alice down the rabbit hole Meghan finds herself separated from Puck and at the mercy of a slew of dark Fae and vicious hungry Goblins.(good, goblin talk good). The goblins are just the tip of the threats Meghan faces. Julie really amps up the action and in some cases terror. The Fae world is filled with threats to Meghan's life due solely to her existence in their wold. Some really great chilling scenes.    Each of these trials bring her farther from Puck but to the court of Oberon and a meeting with the mysterious Ash.

I loved everything about this book! I'm a huge fan of Faeries so I enjoyed seeing which of the various Fae would make it into the narrative. Meghan is a joy!  Her strong heart and sarcastic nature along with smart intellect make her a perfect heroine.Not a typical damsel in distress, she quickly adapts to her new environs focused on rescuing her brother. I waited way to long to read this series and now am catching up fast.

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