Saturday, October 8, 2011

Review: Irredeemable vol 7

This volume collects issues 24-27 of the monthly ongoing series. Waid and Krause continue to entertain with epic Superhero action!

The story switches back and forth between two narratives: Tony battling his way through a series of challenges on a prison planet and Quibit and Modeus on a mission to find Tony. As the two parties are drawn together we learn more about Tony's powers and the obsession Modeus has for him.

My favorite part of this book is all the battles and strange alien creatures. Tony quickly gets his focus back and assembles a team of intergalactic nasties. While the appearance of Quibit gives Tony the one thing that doesn't bode well for Earth: a way home.

I've always enjoyed Krause's work on this series, but the art team really excels this issue. Each level of Tony's journey is populated with alien terrain and creatures. The art adapts to each level and the strange creatures wonderfully. Visually entertaining with a great script. Love this series!

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