Friday, October 7, 2011

Review: Mile 81 by Stephen King

Ah, Stephen King. Stephen is the reason I became a horror fan :) His body of work has always thrilled and chilled me but lately I've found his work a bit hit or miss.

Mile 81 is an e- novella priced at 2.99 . It begins with young Pete forced to hang alone while his brother and friends do teen boy bike things. I stumbled a little with this bit, the slang of the kids seemed dated.

Soon Pete is in an abandoned rest stop with some found alcohol and promptly falls asleep.

There is a roaring sound and a mud caked car pulls into the rest stop. The hood rises and the driver door opens wide an invitation to some good samaritan. An invitation to death,

Despite a rocky start this story had some great scary bits, and I was intrigued by the murderous car.

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S. Leighanne said...

I love King, but I found this story to be horribly disappointing. The story was interesting, but the ending really got to me, as well as a few other things throughout it.
I felt like it was just an effort to throw something out before his newest release :[