Sunday, October 2, 2011


This beautiful middle grade read is a companion series to Alyson's Immortals series. This novel is definitely a stand alone read, but  there is a connection between the two series. I have to say Alyson's vision of the afterlife affected me deeply. Riley Bloom is such a wonderful character to explore themes of  life, death,  love, and family. After a car accident killed Riley and her parents, the three of them have spent there time in spirit manifesting all their hearts desire as well as bonding as a family. Riley however is obsessed with her older sister Ever sneaking glances at her whenever she can.

Now however is the time of change. Riley is entering school and discovers what her calling will be in the afterlife. Riley meets her spirit guide and is Judged. It is determined that her skills lie in soul retrieval and she is off to her first job: The radiant boy, a ghost who has refused to move forward into the light and instead focus on haunting an ancient castle.

This is a very quick read but full of deep thoughtful passages and scenes that will make you smile.A joy to read and I'm so happy to have an Arc of the next  book in the series Shimmer.


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