Thursday, October 27, 2011

RIP M.D. by Schauer & Vosburg





This is a cute yet creepy story of Ripley Plimpt. At 11 years old he is a fan of monster movies toys and DVD's. His young mind has come to the conclusion that monsters truly do exist! thus begins his nightly trips to his neighborhood looking for some frightful friends! After several nights exploration Ripley has little success except for a wounded bat which he helps heal. The next night however a shambling zombie shows up at his window. Ripley is ecstatic! thanks to very supportive parents Dead Guy becomes part of the family. Soon other monsters show up: A werewolf with a howling problem, A blob Monster and even a young vampire girl. Through in so malevolent former tenants and RIP's monster medical practice and his family's safety is on the line.

I really loved this book! I wasn't familiar with the writer or the artist of this book but I wil definetly look out fro more from them. there is a dark creepiness in the art as well as sweet scenes between Ripley and the monsters, This book would be a fun independant read for a preteen boy or girl. It would also be a fun read along for families.



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