Monday, November 14, 2011

Happy Hauliday's Giveaway: WIN $500.00 IN BOOKS



CHRONICLE BOOKS is once again hosting it's Haul -Idays event! For those not familiar with the event here is how it works:
I as a participating Blogger get to go on a fantasy shopping spree, deciding what books I would pick if Chronicle declared me the winner of $500.00 in books.
ONE LUCKY COMMENTER  on this post ALSO WINS $500.00 dollars worth of books and  a Charity of my choosing!
I pick The Boys & Girls Club of America
Here Is My Wish list! Very Star Wars influenced:)
Instant Iron-Ons
Obsessed with Star Trek
Treasured Classics
How to Speak Wookiee
The Sounds of Star Wars
The Jedi Path
Star Wars Chronicles
Wookiee Cookies( Star Wars Cookbook)
The Boy who loved Batman
Olive The Other Reindeer Note Card Set
Whoopie Pies
Fairy Parties
I'm So Happy It's Happy Hour
Dead Inside(Zombies)
Big Vegan
The Art Of DC Vintage Postcards
Chronicle Tote Bag
Be sure to check out the Chronicle link, they have great books and are one of my favorite publishers for geeky books
So Leave a COMMENT (ONLY ONE) and keep your fingers crossed that we both win big!



Michelle @ Book Briefs said...

Thank you so much! This would be amazing!!

chelle2006 @

Bwyatt said...

I love Star Wars! I'm also a HUGE geek! ;) But its all good. Thanks for sharing with us.

melora said...

I hope you get lucky and win this!

I had to giggle at "How to Speak Wookiee" I can't even roll my "r"s!

melorabrock {at} gmail {dot} com

Vasilly said...

Good luck with the contest.

Bee said...

Woah..this is EPIC.


Anonymous said...

What an amazing contest!

Vince Rooks said...

I would love to win! Nice selection of books!

Michelle @ The True Book Addict said...

I have a lot of Star Wars on my list too because my boys are obsessed with it...and I've always loved it too. =O) It's so fun going through and making the list! Good luck, Kai! Be sure to stop by mine too!


ann said...

You picked a nice variety of books for this

amhengst at verizon dot net

Rhianna said...

Nice to see I wasn't the only blogger who had a leaning toward the Star Wars books. teehee!

Good luck and Happy Haulidays!

jcamp2020 said...

Oh, my grandsons would so take half that stash of titles! You can guess which ones!

So, make this grandma a star by winning this thing and then drawing my number!

good luck to both of us! ;D

jeaneC from CA
jcamp2020 at aol

throuthehaze said...

I like Star Wars too :) Good luck
throuthehaze at gmail dot com

TRAN! ( said...

Great list! Good luck!

AimeeKay said...

Love the list! Dead Inside is on mine too! Good luck with the contest, Feel free to check out my list if you get a chance!

SarahSparrow said...

I love this list! (I have no idea if this is too late, but oh well.)

Onge said...

Great list! Good luck!

Kelly Robinson said...

Fun list! I'm having as much fun seeing what everyone else picked as I did making my own blog list!